The Other Side

The Other Side

I know that in my life, 

I have ran into obstacles…

obstacles that could have potentially destroyed my spirit and my family…

and I had to figure out how to get to the other side..

whether I crawled, 

took baby steps, 


or just blatantly ran…
but somehow I ended up there…

I got there…

It wasn’t easy..

and I tell you..

it’s such a beautiful place to be…

This other side -it’s almost perfect 

and so peaceful…. 

I have learned that on this side…

I needed to be thankful for all the little things….

not the big things…

I learned, I lived, I loved….

and I continue to learn, live, and love….

but the one thing I learned from being on this side 

which has allowed me to stay here for so, so, so long

is that I don’t ever complain…

And that….

has made all the difference…

Be thankful for all you have.

~Claudia Marra

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