The Other Side

The Other Side

I know that in my life, 

I have ran into obstacles…

obstacles that could have potentially destroyed my spirit and my family…

and I had to figure out how to get to the other side..

whether I crawled, 

took baby steps, 


or just blatantly ran…
but somehow I ended up there…

I got there…

It wasn’t easy..

and I tell you..

it’s such a beautiful place to be…

This other side -it’s almost perfect 

and so peaceful…. 

I have learned that on this side…

I needed to be thankful for all the little things….

not the big things…

I learned, I lived, I loved….

and I continue to learn, live, and love….

but the one thing I learned from being on this side 

which has allowed me to stay here for so, so, so long

is that I don’t ever complain…

And that….

has made all the difference…

Be thankful for all you have.

~Claudia Marra

Excerpt from The Addict’s Widow

Wake up! (Darkness-2)

Anecdote 2

“Wake up!”

He nudged me.

I got startled. I had just fallen asleep.

I looked at the clock. It’s 11:00 p.m The kids are

 fast asleep.

“What, what’s wrong?”

I followed him as he leads me into the living room.

Christmas decorations filled the room and animated

figurines were strategically placed right in front of the tree.

We had just bought white themed ornaments and beautiful silver bows to accent the tree.

The decorations looked magical. The kids were so excited for Christmas this year. They were at the perfect age.

“Look! Look!” Don’t you see them? There! A million ants are crawling on the ceiling.

“What do you mean a million ants are on the ceiling? I don’t see any. 


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I wrote my first book, The Addict’s Widow, after contemplating telling my story about my life being married to an addict. Picking Up the Pieces is about how my family recovered from the aftermath of a life shattering experience. Both are raw and truly honest. A must read for anyone who is going through this or knows anyone that is going through this. Your ending doesn’t have to be like mine.



The Addict’s Widow by Claudia Marra

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